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WWE SmackDown Results – August 16, 2016

WWE SmackDown Results – August 16, 2016 – 8/16/16

Marvelous mic work from Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose, surprisingly entertaining matches and a solid main event to punctuated the show.

WWE Smackdown Results

Randy Orton Has An Idea For Slater:

The Viper is backstage to sign his contract to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, but Heath Slater shows up bearing gifts.

He still wants a contract, but Shane and DB aren’t ready to accept him after he dissed them last week. Orton has an idea and it probably isn’t going to be good news for Slater.

Ambrose, Ziggler, MizTV:

The Miz is this era’s Chris Jericho, so he’s perfect to facilitate these verbal sparring sessions.

Dean Ambrose entered the ring first and Dolph Ziggler followed. What happened next was the definition of professional wrestling dopeness.

Both Ambrose and Ziggler delivered excellent mic work with The Show Off owning a slight edge thanks to a bit more passion and smoothly delivered lines.

Crews, Not Creed:

To make up or embrace Bryan’s botch of Apollo Crews’ name from two weeks ago, The Miz had a scripted botch of his SummerSlam opponent’s name.

12-Man Tag-Team TISI +% That Didn’t Suck:

Usually, large tag-team matches are terrible, but this one was actually pretty entertaining. The formula for success was pitting a number of athletic teams against each other, which helped to produce some high-flying offense.

Eva Marie Did It Again.Well at Least Naomi Is Back And Looking Spectacular:

Eva Marie’s excuse for not competing this time was traffic. OK, that was kind of funny, but hopefully she’ll perform at SummerSlam.

Her opponent for the match was supposed to be Naomi who has a new look, entrance and approach.

Curt Hawkins is The WWE’s Most Interesting Man:

With an advertisement that was similar to The Most Entertaining Man in The World ad–only with a WWE twist–Curt Hawkins’ return to the promotion is confirmed.

Randy Orton Beats Up Heath Slater:

Orton’s idea for Slater to earn a contract is to face and beat him in a match. That match never officially got underway as Orton attacked The One Man Band and ultimately got disqualified.

Orton did his signature DDT outside the ring and he even emulated Brock Lesnar by delivering two German suplexes to a lifeless Slater.Finally, he hit the RKO the crowd chanted for to complete the beatdown.

Slater technically won the match, so Bryan and Shane came to the trainer’s room to offer him a contract. A woozy Slater mistook Bryan for Mick Foley and Shane for Stephanie McMahon.

Shane promptly took back the contract to the chagrin of fans who have taken to Slater and his entertaining segments on both shows.

Ambrose Beats Erick Rowan and Bray Deserts Him:

Dean and Rowan put on a fairly good match considering everyone knew what the outcome would be, but the question we wanted answered in this segment was: what direction are The Wyatt Family headed?After Rowan was pinned cleanly, Bray held the goat mask and then left it in the rocking chair as he left his follower in the ring.It’s good to see them splitting, let’s just hope a meaningless feud between the two isn’t on the way.

Carmella and Becky Defeat Natty and Alexa Bliss:

Natty is as solid as they come in the Women’s division. Alexa Bliss is one of the best of the up-and-comers. Becky’s ring work is getting better, but Carmella’s isn’t.This match was still solid, and it got even better when Eva Marie finally made it through traffic and showed up.This time, Naomi, the opponent she stood up earlier came out looking for answers. Naomi gave chase, but Eva Marie escaped. The diversion allowed Becky to get the drop on Natty and she made her tap with the Disarm-Her.Eva Marie stood on the ramp playing coy. Suddenly, her debut tease got a little easier to take.

Baron Corbin Continues to Bully Kalisto:

For the third straight week, Baron Corbin picks on Kalisto and the diminutive luchador is left looking helpless. I get the build for Corbin, but Kalisto has some talent.

It’s going to be hard top build him back up after this program. I’m just saying.

Six-Woman Tag Match is Announced for SummerSlam:

Eva Marie will in fact be in action at SummerSlam, and it’ll be in a six-woman tag match. Hopefully, this isn’t terrible.

John Cena Beats Alberto Del Rio, And Then Flattens Style:

ADR had his share of moments against The Face That Runs the Place.

However, unfortunately for Del Rio, Cena powered out of the cross arm breaker and hit the Attitude Adjustment to get the pin.AJ Styles was doing commentary and he dropped a Phenomenal Forearm on Cena.

Styles had the advantage, but he turned back to attempt the Styles Clash on his rival.

It didn’t work.

Cena reversed it and landed an AA.That wasn’t enough for Cena. He’d drag him outside the ring, maneuver the ring steps close to the announce table to send The Phenomenal One through the wood with a Super AA.

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