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Natalya’s Latest Article”The Calgary Sun”

Natalya’s Latest Article”The Calgary Sun”

Natalya’s latest article for The Calgary Sun is now online at this link. She writes about a typical day in the life of a WWE Superstar. Below is part of what she wrote on arriving to the arena:

Upon arrival, I work my way through fans outside arenas where we park our cars (I know my character is currently a villain, but it’s hard not to show appreciation to loyal fans with a few pics, hugs and autographs) and into the locker room to prepare for my match. A few hours before show time and despite the fact that I’ve done this for a decade, I still can’t believe I’m performing. I can’t eat … just my “pre-match” banana for luck. I’m almost in denial as I’m putting on my makeup and doing my hair, pretending I’m J-Lo. Before I know it, it’s almost match time. I have to drop kick Nikki Bella! (Sorry, John Cena … not sorry!)

Confession: I still get stage fright every single time before I walk out into an arena full of people. (Oh, lord, will TMZ make a story out of this?) The moment of truth comes … my music hits and it’s time to make my way to the ring. My mind races as I prepare to enter the packed arena. Do they know my name? Are my wrestling boots on? Will a hair extension fall out?! (Yes, I do wear those… shhh). Wait … how the heck am I going to tame my opponent? OK, OK, that part is easy: all roads lead to the Sharpshooter.

My fright turns to ferocity the second I hit that ring. There, I’m all business. Performing is a total rush. It’s hard to even sleep after we compete because the feeling you get performing in front of a live crowd cannot be explained. It’s like the rush of 100 roller coaster rides combined with your first kiss with your soulmate.

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